UPUK Records is proud to welcome Tektonica, a new addition exclusive to the UPUK team of Artists and Producers. 

Tektonica is a UK based DJ/Producer who has been on the DJ scene in the United Kingdom for many years. He brings his experience in DJing to his productions, and produces a funky-feel to his tech-house. Although we at UPUK Records prefer not to categorise musical art, most people would  probably refer to this  genre as funky-tech-house, but as no such thing exists it makes it extremely difficult to pigeon-hole this artist's creativity, so we strongly suggest you have a listen to his creations and decide for yourself.


Coming to an Earth Near You

Release Date - 31.03.2021

Hardwired (EP)

Release Date - 11.06.20

3am tequila

Debut Release - 13.02.20