UPUK Records

Based in London, UK , releasing worldwide in digital format.

Born in late 2019, the brainchild of two brothers who share  a passion for electronic music production both with an established background in the composition, production and release of multigenre electronic music dating back to the early eighties. 

The intention behind UPUK Records, is to bring to the forefront new undiscovered artists and producers from all over the globe and create an independent platform for these talented but generally lesser known creators of top quality and well produced Electronic Ear Art.

We pride ourselves on releasing  multigenre underground electronic music in all styles from House in all of its many forms and colours to  the various shades of Techno from the heavy minimal deep Berlin sounds to the more banging commercial Tech House, not forgetting of course the extremely varied styles and sounds of the  more relaxing downtempo  and chilled genres. In short, within the very near future, we hope to put at your disposal a large, varied and wide selection of multigenre electronic music for your enjoyment, which will no doubt enhance your already colourful collection.