Some-E from Finland is certainly a most welcome addition to our ever evolving team of Artists and Producers.
Creating a potpourri of multi genre electronic music, his style, very much Acid House and Techno orientated, is founded in the late eighties and early nineties during his early years growing up listening to the amazing artists and music of that time.
He began creating music in the nineties, during the Warehouse Techno era from which he has shaped and moulded his sound.
The unique beauty of his sound comes from the use of a stunning collection of original synths and equipment in his studio fused with the more up to date sound of software based equipment. Totally a man after our own heart, he makes masterful use of his instrumentation with true expertise and artistry, both technical and musical to create what can only be referred to as symphonies of electronic dance music.



Release Date - 19.03.20