Sandro Dessì

 UPUK Records welcomes another top class Artist/DJ/Producer from Italy.
Sandro Dessì, originally from Sardinia but now based in the north of Italy. Sandro begins his musical experience at an early age DJ’ing for his friends at parties and small gatherings. In the mid 80’s he plays his first club gig which has a profound effect on his musical preferences, helping him to hone and refine his musical selection and DJ’ing skills to a higher level.
 A  short time later he decides to widen his horizons by moving away from his home in Sardinia on to the mainland where he continues to expand his art.
A natural progression for most DJs, the early 90’s sees Sandro making his first attempts as a music producer and Artist unfortunately without much success, undeterred by the negative results he continues to widen his experience and learning more about the creation, production and mixing process from his more experienced friends and colleagues in the environment.
 After a few years away from producing Sandro decides to return to the production of music with the joy and passion of a teenager who is entering the world of music for the first time and finally comes to our attention at UPUK Records, where we are more than happy to accept him as a new addition to our ever evolving team of international Artists & Producers.

Good Life (EP) Feat. No3mi

Release Date 30.09.20
Tk. 01 - Good Life (feat. No3mi)
Tk. 02 - It's Time To Love
Tk. 03 - It's Time To Love (Kat So - Serengeti Mix)

Beautiful Dreamer (EP)

Release Date 12.07.22
Tk. 01 - Beautiful Dreamer   
Tk. 02 - No Way Out
Tk. 03 - Divine Intervention   
Tk. 04 - That's My Gift
Tk. 05 - Beautiful Dreamer (Edit)

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