FunkEnergy, (Italy).  Adds a touch of Funky Break Beat to the UPUK  catalogue and we definitely consider him an asset to our Team of Artists/Producers. FunkEnergy has been producing music for just over ten years. Although originally inspired by Old Skool House, just recently he has turned his attention to Break Beat and has been delivering high-quality Big beats, and Funky music with underlying Jazz/electro vibes, for the last couple of years now.
As an artist, he feels the need to compose music of different genres and strongly believes that Experimentation is the key to a song that reflects him.

Move Your Feet Like This

Release Date: 23.03.20
Tk. 01 - Move Your Feet Like This (Original Mix)
Tk. 02 - Move Your Feet Like This (Bowlah B Beat Remix)
Tk. 03 - Move Your Feet Like This (Psychokinetic Remix)
Tk. 04 - Move Your Feet Like This (JazzTronic Funk Remix)Tk. 05 - Move Your Feet Like This (Circular Run Remix)


Red Lips [Ep]

Release Date: 14.10.20
Tk. 01 - Coucher de Soleil à Saly (Original Mix)
Tk. 02 - Beautiful Liar (Original Mix)   
Tk. 03 - Red Lips (Original Mix) Title Track
Tk. 04 - Put the Needle on the Records (Original Mix)