Circular Run

Circular Run, originally from the Derby City, Louisville, Kentucky, now calls the Suncoast of Florida home.   As a native of Louisville, he has a strong appreciation of good bourbon and pretends to know something about horseracing one day a year.  He began his musical experience at a young age, growing up trained in multiple instruments and classical and jazz composition.  He quickly turned to producing electronic music on some of the earlier electronic platforms, inspired by artists likes Faithless, Orbital and Underworld.  After serving as a United States Submarine Officer and building a career, he recently returned to music production with a heavy interest in deep house music.  Living within a stone’s throw of some of the best beaches in the western hemisphere, the surrounding landscape and Florida climate heavily influence his sound.   On a good day, you’ll find him enduring the Florida heat in seersucker and holding a strong cocktail.


Heat Index

Release Date - 03.03.21

Up Late

Release Date - 10.09.21

Need You Here

Release Date - 26.07.22