Bowlah, this new unknown Producer/Musician/Composer from London, UK, makes the debut and exclusive appearance with UPUK Records. 

The style and sound is reminiscent of the early eighties Brit/Jazz Funk Era, which are the foundations of Bowlah's musical personality, but brought closer to now by blending them with a more recognisable house vibe. 

Bowlah is still defining and perfecting a style, but well on the way to discovering a unique musical character by creating an artful fusion of sounds which embrace a love for electronic music and Jazz amongst other things. 

So, in a nutshell, a deep and smooth but ultimately danceable jazzy style with a little bit of this and that thrown in just for colour, a touch of cockney flavouring and boom we have Bowlah, who we at UPUK Records are proud to welcome to our family of artists.

Who Do It [Ep]

Release Date - 17.08.20


Release Date - 28.05.20

Summa Dat (Gimme Da Beat)

Release Date - 02.04.20


Debut Release - 13.01.20